Tykes & Teens mental health matters flyer

To prepare parents and students for a mentally resilient return to school, Tykes & Teens has launched a free summer video series.  Mental Health Matters – Returning with Resilience premiered on Tykes & Teens' Facebook channel in July - the series features 15-minute video segments with leading mental health experts, educators and students. Conversations center on practical tips, tools and resources designed to help parents and students navigate back into a routine and emerge from the pandemic with resilience.

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  • Episode 1: Coming Out of the Woods

    • What can we expect as we emerge from the pandemic and return to in-person school and activities?  This episode features practical tips and resources to support your child coming out of the pandemic strong and in good mental health.  Featured experts are:

      • Eric Garza, MHA, LCSW – Tykes & Teens CEO

      • Jay Biscanin, M.A., CBHCMS – Tykes & Teens Manager of Targeted Case Management, Certified Wraparound Coach and Facilitator, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

  • Episode 2: Feeling Anxious? You're Not Alone

    • Overwhelmed/stressed about going back to in-person school and activities?  This episode features tips on how to best prepare, anxiety signs for parents and students to look for, and how to move forward with resiliency. Alethia DuPont, Psy. D. – Tykes & Teens' Director of Outpatient Services is the featured expert.

  • Episode 3: Depressed or Just Down?

    • How can parents/caregivers support a child who is experiencing depression?  How do you know if your child is depressed or just down?  How do you know when to reach out for professional help?  This episode features signs to look for and tools to create a resilient return. Tamie Gilarski, LCSW, RPT-S – Tykes & Teens' School-Based Program Coordinator, Psychotherapist, Play Therapist Supervisor and Clinical Supervisor is the featured expert.

  • Episode 4: Creating Routines for Stability

    • Premiering August 4, this episode features tips for developing routines that create stability and resiliency as your child returns to in-person school and activities. Featured experts are:

      • Andrea Greenlee, LCSW – Tykes & Teens Director of School Based Services and Psychotherapist

      • Monique Coleman, MS – Tykes & Teens Prevention Coordinator

      • Hannah Greenlee – A “Changing Vibes, Changing Lives” Student Perspective

  • Episode 5: Practical Steps for Students

    • Premiering August 11, this episode provides practical steps from an educator's perspective on how students can overcome any stress and anxiety they may have about returning to in-person school. Featured experts are:

      • Dorothy Oppenheiser – Tykes & Teens Director of Prevention Services

      • Monique Coleman, MS – Tykes & Teens Prevention Coordinator

      • Anthony Ferro – Jensen Beach High School Teacher

  • Episode 6: Enhancing Young Children & Family Resilience

    • Premiering August 18, this episode provides tools for childcare staff and parents to support children ages 0-5 through day-to-day transitions as they start or return to school. This episode's featured expert is Elizabeth Appleton, Director of Childcare Mental Health Consultation for Tykes & Teens.