Information for Quarantined/ Isolated Students

In accordance with Chapters 252.36, 381.0031 and 381.00315, Florida Statutes, the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) has the authority to direct establish quarantine and isolation protocols for the state. The Martin County School District does not make any quarantine or isolation decisions for individuals - the District is legally obligated to follow the FDOH's protocols.

In accordance with Updated COVID-19 Guidance, issued March 4, 2022, by the Florida Department of Education, the following decision tree is in place for students and employees:

FLDOE FDOH Decision Tree for Quarantine - March 2022

Spanish guidance

If your child has tested positive for COVID-19, please click play below to learn how to access their information in the FOCUS Parent Portal.

Considerations for Families

FDOH maintains records related to COVID-19 testing and vaccination status for the state. Students who have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 may elect to present a copy of their vaccination card to their school.

FDOH does not accept home test kit results as proof of having/not having COVID-19. Parents/caregivers of students who are symptomatic may elect to have their child tested for COVID-19 via a Rapid (antigen) or PCR (diagnostic) test.

***To locate a local testing center that offers the PCR/Rapid test, please click here. ***

Our digital symptom screening tools provide families with a convenient way to monitor their child's symptoms each day. The tools provide information about when and where to seek care, as well as information about health care providers that are part of the Florida KidCare network. Please click the photos below to access the symptom tools in English/Spanish.

Symptom Checker - English

Academic Information for Quarantined Students

FLDOE Rule Attendance Access

While the expiration of FLDOE Emergency Order 2020-EO-07 precludes Florida school districts from offering remote learning as an instructional option this school yearFLDOE Rule 6AER21-01 ensures that students who are quarantined will not have this held against them from an attendance perspective as long as they continue accessing their course materials from one of the digital learning platforms the District has in place. This rule also guarantees that students will have access to instructors to assist them with their coursework.

Instructions for how students will access course materials and assignments while under quarantine are included below. Students and parents/caregivers in need of assistance with accessing course materials or assignments may email  or call (772) 223-2599 to request assistance in English or Spanish.

Students who are in need of hardware/software support for their District-issued laptops should email for assistance.

Quarantined Students - Instructions English

Quarantined Students - Instructions Spanish

SFHS Quarantined Student Instructions

SFHS Instructions for Quarantined Students-Spanish

Please click here or on the video link below to view a brief tutorial about the Schoology platform.

FOCUS Parent Portal

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to monitor their child's grades and attendance via the FOCUS Parent Portal. Parents/caregivers who have not claimed their FOCUS Parent Portal account should follow the instructions below to complete the process.

FOCUS Parent Portal Instructions

FOCUS Parent Portal Instructions - Spanish

COVID-19 Dashboard

The dashboard is updated twice daily with information about positive cases and quarantines throughout the District. If you do not see your child's school listed on the dashboard, this means that the school has not had a positive case/quarantine at this point in the 2021-2022 school year. Please click the link below to view a short video about navigating the COVID-19 dashboard.