Media Relations

Guidelines for Members of the Media

  • Media must obtain clearance from the Office of Public Information & Community Relations prior to arriving on any school campus.  Please contact (772) 219-1200 ext. 30444 or email to request permission to film or conduct an interview on school district property. 

  • The Office of Public Information & Community Relations will assist in facilitating any media requests involving District leaders.

  • Media must check in at the front office immediately once arriving on campus. 

  • Requests for interviews and footage are expedited more efficiently if inquiries include details about the information you require, the individuals you are wishing to speak with and any footage you are hoping to capture.

Stories Involving Students or Employees

Please keep in mind that state and federal laws govern what types of student-related information is able to be released to the public.  Some of those include, but are not limited to:

  • Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)

  • Florida Statutes 1002.221

  • The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)

The District is unable to provide any information related to individual students to anyone other than that student(s) legal parent(s)/guardian(s). These records are confidential and exempt from public disclosure under Chapter 1002.221, Florida Statutes.  A "student record" is defined as virtually any information maintained by the school or school district related to the student (current or former).  

The majority of information that is maintained concerning District employees is considered public and will be provided upon request.  There are, however, some exemptions under Chapter 119, Florida Statutes and Education Code (FS1000-1013.) The following standards apply when a particular employee is the subject of an investigation being conducted by the District and/or law enforcement agency:

  • District staff cannot comment on open investigations. 

    • This includes investigations by outside agencies (i.e. law enforcement, DCF, etc.) involving District staff members.

    • Once a District-conducted investigation is closed, the employee(s) is/are entitled to written notification that the investigatory documents will be made public, and they become public 10 days after the written notification is received (based on FS1012.31.)

Media inquiries and requests should be directed to Jennifer DeShazo, Director – Public Information & Community Relations, at (772) 219-1200 ext. 30444 or via email at