Workers' Compensation Program

The Martin County School District has established a Workers' Compensation Physician Network for its employees in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida. The overall objective of the Workers' Compensation Program is to ensure that each injured worker has the opportunity to return to his or her job as soon as possible through timely treatment by quality medical providers, who are, in turn, united in a coordinated program that is designed to provide cost effective care and reduce lost work time.

Please remember, the Workers' Compensation Program arrangement is separate from the District's group medical insurance plan. Accordingly, benefits for workers' compensation can only be accessed through the MCSD Workers' Compensation Physician Network.

Please feel free to call our department at 772-219-1200 ext. 30206 if you have any questions regarding this information.

The Martin County School District is committed to assisting our injured employees in return to work as soon as medically possible. You well-being and successful recovery is important.

If you are injured on the job (regardless of severity):

  1. Report your injury to your supervisor/school/department secretary immediately or as soon as possibleWork-related injuries not reported timely may not be covered by Workers Compensation. If your supervisor or site secretary is not available, report your injury to: S1 Medical at 1-844-331-1234

Workers' Compensation Program Forms

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