Project SEARCH Graduation

Four Martin County School District students with disabilities are now ready to enter the workforce after graduating from the Project SEARCH program!

Watch the four students receiving their certificates of achievement and officially graduate from the Martin County School District: 

Project SEARCH is a one year, High School Transition Program for students with disabilities who are 18-21 and have deferred or are deferring receipt of their standard diploma and meet eligibility for Vocational Rehabilitation's Supported Employment Program. This one-year program prepares these students for competitive employment in the community by immersing them in an all-day work setting.  It is the expectation that students will exit the K-12 public school system upon completion of Project SEARCH in order to obtain competitive paid employment. 

Each day, student interns report to the host business and learn employability skills while participating in three internships/experiences during the year. Students participate in class to define their career goals and plan necessary steps to achieve their goals.

Riley, Katie, Ethan and Colley all worked very hard and made lasting impressions during their internships, which included locations such as Educational Technology, Reprographics and Food Service, just to name a few.

So far Riley and Colley found employment at two different local Dunkin' locations.

Join us in congratulating all four incredible graduates!

Learn more about Project SEARCH here: