Retiree Benefit Eligibility

If the retiree meets the eligibility requirements as defined by the Florida Retirement System (FRS) and the Martin County School District, the retiree is eligible to elect benefits upon retirement from the Martin County School District.

The retiree:

  • Must activate their FRS pension upon separating from the District.

    • If the retiree is currently enrolled in the investment plan, the retiree must meet the age and service requirements under the regular pension plan and take a disbursement.

  • Must elect retiree benefits within 30 days of their retirement date.

    • Failure to elect retiree benefits upon retirement indicates a refusal of coverage. Once a benefit is refused, not elected, or cancelled, it may not be elected or reinstated at a later date.

Dependent Eligibility

If the retiree is currently covering dependent child(ren) on the medical, dental, or vision plans, the retiree may continue to cover the dependent child(ren) through the end of the calendar year in which the child turns age 26.

Dependent Eligibility