Special Dietary Needs or Food Allergies

Allergy Statement

Our priority is the safety of our students. As a department, we are doing our best to provide you and your family with the most accurate nutrition and allergen information. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we are struggling with food shortages and are receiving alternate foods without notice. Each school may receive different products making it difficult to provide accurate information. If you choose to have your child participate in the National School Breakfast and Lunch program, and your child requires specific nutrition data/allergen information due to a medical need, please contact your school’s cafeteria manager weekly to access nutrition labels.

If your child's allergy or medical condition creates a serious medical risk, you should discuss the risks and appropriate precautions for participating in school meals with both your medical provider and your school food service manager before participating.

Food Allergy Parent Letter 2021

Contact Dietitian for Special Dietary Needs

Yvonne Potsko, Program Operations Manager

772-223-2655 ext 58112


Medical Request/ Special Dietary Form