Disability Insurance – Short Term and Long Term

MCSD provides benefit-eligible employees the opportunity to enroll in Short Term Disability (STD) and Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance. Disability coverage provides financial protection in the event employee cannot work due to a non-work related accident or sickness. Participation is voluntary and all premiums are paid by employees through post-tax payroll deductions. Employee premium and benefit amount will depend on the level of coverage employee is eligible for based on their annualized salary.

  • Employee qualifies as disabled for both STD and LTD if employee is totally disabled due to sickness or injury, is not working and cannot perform the duties of their normal occupation, and is under a physician’s care.

  • STD/LTD premiums will be payroll deducted on a post-tax basis and will not be subject to federal income tax. STD/LTD benefits pay 60% of employee's pre-disability earnings, up to the maximum benefit amount listed below and are based on the number of days in employee's normally scheduled work week.

  • STD/LTD insurance coordinates with MCSD’s leave benefits and are reduced by any amounts payable to employee from other sources of income such as sick leave, sick bank, compassionate leave, administrative leave, professional leave, temporary duty elsewhere, Social Security and workers’ compensation.

  • During the new hire enrollment window only, employees are guaranteed issuance for Short Term/Long Term Disability policies.

  • All other enrollment for Short Term/Long Term Disability will require Evidence of Insurability (EOI).

How to file a Disability Claims

To file either a short-term or long-term disability claim with The Standard, call The Standard Customer Service at:

1-800-628-8600 or visit www.standard.com

Short Term Disability Insurance

The STD benefit begins after the employee is disabled for 14 continuous days. The STD benefit may last up to a maximum of 13 weeks. Please note: All premiums are deducted on a per paycheck basis.

Short Term Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability Insurance

  • The LTD benefit begins after the employee has been disabled for 90 continuous days.

  • Employee can qualify as residually disabled if employee is working on a limited basis due to a disability, or working but cannot perform all the duties of employee's normal occupation.

  • The LTD maximum benefit period is determined based on the employee's age at the time of disability.

  • If employee returns to work on a limited basis, the employee may continue to be eligible for partial benefits.

  • Employee will receive benefits up to 36 months if unable to return to employee's own occupation after a total disability.

  • After 24 months, if employee can return to any occupation in which employee is suitably trained, educated, and capable of performing, employee must return to that occupation. If the salary of that occupation does not meet the salary of the employee’s own occupation, the plan will pay the difference.

  • The LTD benefit does not pay a benefit for disabilities resulting from war or act of war, intentionally self-inflicted injury, pre-existing condition (during the applicable period).

Please Note: LTD can be converted to an individual policy if employee terminates employment or if coverage ends for any reason except non-payment of premium. Employee must apply for this conversion within 31 days of termination. Please contact the Risk & Employee Benefits Department immediately. Please note: All premiums are deducted on a per paycheck basis.

Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance